The Profile drop-down empowers users to see their account details and navigate to:

  • Favorites

  • Integrations (Qualtrics)

  • Social Accounts (Facebook pages, YouTube channels & playlists, Instagram accounts authorized)

  • Survey Rules

  • Target Audiences

  • Landscape Reports and the API Sandbox, if applicable

Please note, that some of these options above will vary from account to account depending on which Canvs products you have permission to.

Accessing The Profile Drop Down

To access the Profile drop down, click the Profile icon at the top right hand corner of your screen. The icon will show the first letter of your name with a circle.

Accessing The My Account Page

In the My Account page (if you click on your username/email from the drop-down menu), you are able to edit your profile details, turn on/off your Canvs notification emails.

This will also bring you to the Profile Page with your Favorites displayed.

Next to the Favorite tab, you will see listed the "Qualtrics" tab, which contains your Data Center ID and your Token. This can be used for Qualtrics Integration. Read more here.

Editing Your Profile

You make changes to you profile by clicking the Edit Profile button.

You'll be able to can edit:

  • Your name

  • Your role

  • Your department

You can also change your password.


In the My Account page, you are able to see the pages you have Favorited all in one place. In addition to being able to search for Favorites, you can also take properties out of your Favorites list.  To remove Favorites, hover over the property and click on the orange star in the upper right hand corner of the tile. By clicking on a show's image, you will be taken to a particular series page view.


To access and manage all of your Integrations, navigate to the Integrations option.

Recently, Canvs introduced the Qualtrics integration. Read more here.

Social Accounts

To access and manage any Owned Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram properties, navigate to the Social Accounts option. 

You'll be brought to the Social Accounts Management Page. Within this page, you'll be able to view Facebook, Instagram and YouTube properties your organization has authorized. You'll also be able to unsubscribe to assets or authorize new assets. To read about this section, click here

Survey Rules

You can access and manage all of your Survey Rules by clicking on this option. Read more about MRX Rules here.

Target Audiences

You can access and manage all of your Target Audiences by clicking on this option. Read more about Target Audiences here.

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