If you have uploaded more than one dataset with the exact same question, or would like to compare entire datasets against each other, you are able to quickly look at the data side-by-side using Quick Compare Tags. This feature can help you analyze responses to a question over time or across different assets. 

Creating Dataset Tags

Tags can be created when uploading a dataset or by editing an existing dataset.

During the uploading process, the ability to add Tags is featured in the Survey Details step where you can add the dataset Name, Description, etc. You can type a word or phrase and click Enter to add the Tag

Note: Be sure to add the same tag for all Datasets that you wish to compare. 

For more information about uploading Datasets, click here

You can also create and add tags to your datasets, post-upload, on the Surveys Management Page. Please click on the 3 dots and on "Edit Details".

This will bring up the Edit Details module where you can add your Tags at the bottom.

Using Quick Compare Tags for Specific Questions

Quick Compare Tags is useful when you have multiple datasets that ask at least one identical question and have at least one identical tag. Examples of repeatable questions are:

  • Why would you continue to watch this show?

  • When you think of this brand, what comes to mind first?

  • Why would you buy this in Blu Ray?

  • What would you like to hear next by this artist?

  • What is driving you to see this movie?

  • What is holding you back from watching this series?

From the Content Page of a Dataset, select any filters you would like to apply to the data set. Click the Quick Compare button and select Tags.

In this example, we have filtered on the question "What is driving you to see this movie?" and have filtered on responses that mention "character".

A list of available Tags that have been assigned to the dataset will display. Clicking a Tag will display the number of other datasets that share that label. Click Compare when you have selected the appropriate Tag(s). 

A Compare set will be created with the filters you viewed on-screen in the earlier step. 

In this example, we are comparing datasets for three different movies to see what was driving female viewers to watch the films. 

Click View More on a row to see the topics associated with the question for each dataset, as well as the verbatim responses.

Using Quick Compare Tags for Datasets with One Question

If your dataset only has one Open Ended question, you can still use Quick Compare Tags. 

Selecting Quick Compare Tags will list all Datasets with the selected tags side by side. You will be able to Compare your datasets regardless of whether the question is exactly the same or not. 

Using Quick Compare Tags for Whole Datasets

If you would like to compare a dataset with multiple questions to another with the same tags, select All Questions and then Quick Compare Tags. 

 You will be able to Compare your datasets as a whole regardless of whether the questions are exactly the same or not. 

Questions? Please reach out to support@canvs.ai. 

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