Canvs’ Data Retention and Deletion Policy describes timetables for how long we store, maintain, and delete Social Comments and MRX Verbatims. All exceptions require a written agreement detailing the specific business need and requirement to conform with our Canvs Data Security Policies. 

Data Deletion Timeline for Social Products

For Canvs social products, we store original content for the current rolling year plus two historical years. This includes data stored for:

  • Syndicated Products, including Canvs TV

  • Campaigns 

  • Single Videos

  • Social Accounts

For Syndicated products, aggregated results for Canvs Explore are retained, allowing historical top-level review even when original content is deleted. Canvs Compare will maintain the current season, plus seasons in the previous two years.  

For additional content requirements outside this range, please discuss with your account manager for details on cost and availability.

Data Deletion Timeline for MRX Verbatims

Data imported into Canvs for MRX, including Survey Verbatims and other associated filters or data, is maintained for 2 years unless otherwise agreed in writing. Terms longer than 2 years may require additional costs to maintain these longer archives. Discuss with your account manager if you have longer storage requirements.

Account Cancellation or Termination

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, ninety (90) days after your Account has been canceled or terminated, Canvs will permanently delete from your account data loaded to the MRX product.


Social Comments:  Social Media comments from various applications, including but not limited to, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

MRX Verbatims:  Unstructured open-ended text, generally from open ended survey questions.

Canvs Data Security Policy:  Canvs maintains a Data Security Policy dictating the policies of data management and security for Canvs and our partners.  


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