MRX [Surveys] Improvements

  • MRX Ranker Adjustment when using Treemap

    • When users click on Treemap elements, the Ranker will now include a small sentence to reiterate what filters are included in the Ranker.

  • New Survey Manager Filtering System

    • There is now one dedicated filter button that allows you to select from multiple filtering options.

  • Splitting into Multiple Waves

    • Users can now use our "Split Survey" feature with our "Tracking Survey" feature. In our Uploader, feel free to enable the switch above each split survey to add as a new wave to an existing survey.

  • Quick Picks on Compare

    • Allows users to quickly select the Top metrics that they are interested in for their Compare set.

Bugs & Experience Adjustments

  • MRX Uploader:

    • Uploader: "Select All Filters" is selecting (null) OE columns

    • Uploader logic: Pop-up, if they do not select a key or filter issue, is broken if you don't select all filters/keys

    • When deleting the name of "Wave X" it reverts back to "Wave X"

    • Qualtrics Uploader: Change "X Open Ends" to "X Respondents"

    • Uploader: App Crashes if a file's tab is empty

    • Add "Social Comments" survey type

    • Split Survey Feature + "Select All" causes uploads to fail

  • Renaming Waves should not count as editing the open ends

  • Explore: add the ability to sort by total tweet volume

  • Smart Search Dropdown is too short

  • Unified TV:

    • View More Ranker showing incorrect Date Data

    • Infinity% Reaction Rate

In Case You Missed It...

  • MRX Uploader: Qualtrics Search

    • We have added the ability to type and search for your Qualtrics survey.

  • Rules Redesign: There is now a new "Advanced" tab in the Rules Modal where you can see your Industry and Type options.

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