Features that the Explore for Twitter TV has to offer:

  • Allowing you to analyze Emotional Reactions across all Twitter TV.

  • Allowing you to Analyze both 24/7 or linear data.

  • Segmenting analysis by day of week and network types.

  • Developing norms across TV at large.

  • Ordering results by Reaction Volume, Reaction Rate, or Share.

 Accessing the Explore Page

It can be accessed on the upper left of the navigation bar on any Canvs page.

Starting Your Analysis

Once you are on the Explore page you can click on the modify button located on the upper left. 

This will open a tab which will allow you to:

  • Select the dates you want to analyze

(Note: You are able to select a time range of a maximum of 12 months)

  • Select the filters to choose the Programs, Airings, Networks, Genres, Airing Types, Dayparts, Networks, Tweet Source, and Day of Week that you would like to analyze. You are also able to toggle between Linear or 24/7 data, hide or show retweets, replies, or quotes, and include or exclude “repeats” to whatever may fit your needs.

To change the filters you chose from include to exclude or vice versa just click on the the swap icon.

To get rid of selected filters you can click on the “x” above them.

(Note: If you are unfamiliar with the terms used on this page you can access our Canvs glossary here )

  • Select the metrics that you are interested in

(Note: You are able to select up to a maximum of 6 metrics)

Once you have selected all of the metrics that you want just click on the Apply button and let Canvs do the work.

You can then choose to look at different Rankers on the Explore Page which consist of (under Linear): Networks, Programs, Airings, Drivers, Genres, Dayparts, and Airing Types.

Note: If you are in 24/7 mode you are only able to see Networks, Programs, and Drivers.

You can also switch between Volume, Rate and Share modes.

You are also able to sort from ‘lowest to highest’ or vice versa by clicking on the metric you want to sort your results by:

Ranking Content 

Start typing the name of the asset that you would like to identify in your competitive set under the Select Content to Rank section. 

Select the name of the asset you would like to Benchmark from the list.

The asset you've selected will be highlighted and your screen will automatically scroll to where it's located in the list. For more information about how to benchmark your content relative to competitors, click here.

Making Changes

If you want to make changes to the filters that you had set up there are a few ways to do so:

  • Clicking the Modify Button

  • Changing the date of what you want to analyze by clicking on the dates displayed

  • Changing filters by clicking on the summary sentence.

  • Changing the Linear Mode by clicking on the icon next to the date

  • Changing the metrics by clicking on the “+” sign at the end of the headers

If you have made changes to your filters but don’t want to apply them, you can just click the Cancel button and the next time you open the Modify tab your original selections will be saved.

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