Canvs Structured Search

Structured Search is a tool that exists on the Content page view. It is a feature which allows you to look at conversation that only matters to you and allows you to generate more nuanced insights.

You can search for topics, hashtags, authors, and mentions.

Getting Started with Your Structured Search

Click on Search located on the top-right menu bar.

You can start typing to search for a particular set of topics, hashtags, authors, or mentions that you want to include or exclude from the Tweets you're viewing. You can do so by choosing from our pre-populated list which shows the top five of each category.

When you start including or excluding terms and phrases form your searches, you will see a dropdown pop-up which shows your selections. 

From this dropdown, you will be able to Apply the searches, swap the searches between include and exclude, or remove them all together.

Exploring Your Search Results

When you are satisfied with your selection, hit the Apply button, the dropdown will minimize and the Emotional Reactions, Timeline, Emotional Clusters, Topics Table and Reaction Sample will update.

To alter your current search, just click the 'More Search' details dropdown to change your current search. If you want to clear your search, click 'cancel.' In doing so, a warning will pop up asking you if you want to clear your search.

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