Searching in Canvs

Within the Canvs Global Search functionality, you will be able to find Canvs TV, Canvs Social, and Canvs MRX assets.

On the upper portion of any page, you will see a search bar labeled 'Search all of Canvs.' Click on this will open up our Global Search functionality where you can Favorite and Search for any and all Canvs assets.

After clicking into Global Search, you will notice that you have two columns on the left and right. The left column are your Programs, Pages, Shows, Movies, Channels, Playlists, Campaigns, and Custom Collections. The right column includes your Airings, Posts, Movies, Media, Videos, and Custom Datasets.

You can start searching for your Canvs content by simply typing the name of your show, page, channel, campaign, survey, etc., into the text box. You can also search by episode name, post, video name, etc., Once the text box has been populated, click on the results you're looking for.

You can also Sort the search results by Volume, Relevance, or Latest.


You will notice that there are stars on particular Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube sets on the left side. Clicking on those stars will allow you to Favorite that page. After favoriting, your favorites will be displayed on the top of the Search.

You can quickly access your Favorites by clicking on the image. To remove Favorites, you can uncheck the star next to the show title or hover over the Favorite you want to unfavorite and click the star on the upper right hand side of the image.

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