Can't find your airing from last night? Here are a few solutions to common problems when searching for a recent episode:

Sort Your Search Results Differently to Find Low Volume Airings

When you use Canvs' global search, it returns the top 10 results per source (e.g. twitter TV, Owned Facebook, etc.), by default sorted by Reaction Volume. For content with short or common names, this can sometimes result in not being able to find the data you want because they are "crowded out" by socially larger entities.

To find these types of shows, try the other sorting options to refine your search. 


The default sorting option. Sorting by "Volume" will return the top 10 results per source that generated the highest volume of Emotional Reactions. Use this sorting option if you're looking for a high profile piece of content that got a large volume of Emotional Reactions.


Selecting "Relevant" will return the top 10 results per source that are the closest match to your search terms. Use this option if you're searching for a piece of content that has a very short or generic name. 


"Latest" will return the top 10 results per source that were the most recently created (or aired in the case of Twitter TV) and also match your search terms. Use this when you're looking for a very recent airing that also has a very short or generic name.

If It's Early in the Morning, Try Waiting for Canvs to Complete Processing Last Night's Airings. 

Canvs generally completes its analysis of last nights airings between 8 am and 9am ET every day. if you can't find last night's episode and it's still early in the day (on the east coast), it's possible that it's still being analyzed. You can always reach out to Canvs' support team to get an update on Canvs data processing. 

You're Searching for a Linear Analysis of a Rerun Episode

Canvs only performs linear analysis on new or live episodes. So we won't return results for any rerun or rebroadcast episodes. If you do want to understand how your audience felt about a rerun or non-new airing, toggle to 24/7 mode and select the day when the rerun aired. That will allow you to measure how fans felt about your show outside of a new or live airing.

It's Still Missing and I've Tried Everything! 

If you still are having issues, just reach out to us. We're available at as well as via our in-app chat if you're logged into Canvs during working hours. We will help you resolve your issue so you can find your episode and get you back to feeling great.

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