Definition of Reaction Rate

Reaction Rate is defined as the % of posts and comments that are emotionally charged. 

What Does Reaction Rate Mean?

Think of Reaction Rate as a barometer of fan passion. The higher the Reaction Rate %, the more emotional the overall conversation. 

Reaction Rate has been tied to higher levels of audience attentiveness and ad recall. You can read more about this research, conducted in partnership with Starcom MediaVest and Twitter, here.

Where Can I Find The Reaction Rate Metric?

Reaction Rate is available across all products and across all features. 

On the Content Pages for Canvs' Twitter TV, Owned Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram products, Reaction Rate can be found immediately to the right of the Emotional Reaction Volume count.

Example of Reaction Rate on a Twitter TV Content Page

Within Canvs' Compare feature, Reaction Rate is available as one of the standard metrics you can select for your comparative analyses.

Example of Reaction Rate on the Canvs Compare Page

On Canvs' Explore Page, you need to engage "Rate Mode" using the Mode Toggle on the upper righthand side of the page. You will then be able to view and rank Reaction Rate across your Explore searches.

Example of Reaction Rate on the Canvs Explore Page

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