Definition of the Mode Toggle

The Mode toggle allows you to chose how Canvs ranks emotional results. This allows you to slice and dice Canvs' analysis to better tell your story.

What Does The Mode Toggle Do?

When you have selected a timeframe in Canvs that contains more than 1 airing, post, video, or media, Canvs creates a ranker where you can see how a piece of content performs relative to others. The Mode toggle controls how this content is ranked.

Note: the content ranker is named differently depending on the source you're analyzing. Twitter TV is titled Airings, Facebook is Posts, YouTube is Videos, and Instagram is Media.

Example of the Airing Ranker on Twitter TV

Example of the Post Ranker on Owned Facebook, Facebook TV and Canvs Watch

Example of the Video Ranker on YouTube

Example of the Media Ranker on Instagram

Additionally, you can click on any Emotion, and the ranker will update to show a ranker for that specific emotion. Engaging the Mode toggle will rerank these emotional results.

The Mode toggle gives you 3 options for ranking Canvs results:

Share Mode

Share is the default mode. For each piece of content that is ranked, it shows what percentage of total Emotional Reaction (based on the timeframe you have selected) it generated. 

Let's take use the Royals Season 3 Twitter TV  as an example:

  1. The season generated 15K+ Emotional Reactions. 

  2. Episode 10 drove 19.1% of all Emotional Reactions from that season. 

  3. Clicking on the episode from the Airings ranker will show the precise number of Reactions above the Reactions Tab on the right (2,902 in this example).

Volume Mode

Volume ranks all content by the total volume of Emotional Reactions they each generated. The ranking of content will be the same as Share Mode, but the results will be shown as integers and not percentages.

Let's take use the Royals Season 3 Twitter TV  again as an example:

  1. Click on Volume within the Mode toggle

  2. As before, Season 3 generated 15K+ Emotional Reactions. 

  3. Episode 10 drove 2,902 of all Emotional Reactions from that season (this time shown as an integer instead of a percentage).

Rate Mode

Rate ranks all content by their respective Reaction Rates. This allows you to search for the most emotional piece of content, even if that piece of content didn't generate as much Emotional Reaction volume. This is particularly useful when you have selected an emotion, allowing you to find the Funniest/Most Loved/Most Hated content.

Let's see how the rankings for Royals Season 3 Twitter TV change when we use Rate Mode:

  1. Click on Rate within the Mode toggle

  2. All airings now show their Emotional Reaction Rates (the percentage of total Tweets that were emotional).

  3. We now see that Episode 1 is ranked first with an Emotional Reaction Rate of 38.6%. This means that over 1 out of every 3 Tweets about Episode 1 were emotionally charged. 

  4. When we click on the episode, we see that it drove nearly the same level of Reaction volume compared to Episode 10. 

Where Can I Find The Mode Toggle?

The Mode toggle is available on the Content Page for all sources (Twitter TV, Owned Facebook, Facebook TV, YouTube, and Instagram). It is also available on the Explore Page.

Example of Mode Toggle (in Volume Mode) on YouTube Content Page

Example of the Mode Toggle (in Rate Mode) on the Explore Page looking at a Series Ranker

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