Definition of Time Shifted Reactions

Time Shifted Reactions is defined as the total percentage of Reactions that fall outside the Linear Airtime Window.

To see the Time Shifted Reactions metric, simply use the date selector and select a time frame that is larger than one airing. From there, toggle the page to 24/7 Mode, and the Time Shifted Reactions metric will appear.

Example Time Shifted Reactions Metric on the Twitter TV Content Page

What Does Time Shifted Reactions Mean?

Time Shifted Reaction showcases what percentage of Emotional Reactions are happening outside of the airing window. Essentially, this metric measures what percentage of Reactions are driven by live tune in (represented by the linear airtime window) versus VOD, "catch up", or binge-watching.

Time Shifted Reactions can provide powerful insights into audience behaviors, which can inform your marketing and engagement strategies. Does your audience primarily tune in to the live airing, or do they wait to catch up on new shows on their schedule? You can use Canvs' Time Shifted Reactions Metric to answer these questions.

Let's look at Season 3 of Better Call Saul as an example:

  1. We see that there's a total of 24,854 Reactions when we're looking at Season 3 in Linear Mode.

  2. Toggle the button to switch to 24/7 Mode

  3. We now see that Total Reactions have substantially increased. In fact, they have more than doubled.

  4. We also see that Time Shifted Reactions has appeared as a new metric. It reads as 52.2%. This means that 52.2% of all Reactions happened outside of the linear airtime window, showcasing how Better Call Saul fans are more active outside of the airing window.

Where Can I Find The Time Shifted Reactions Metric?

The Time Shifted Reactions Metric is available for all Twitter TV Content pages. However, the Content Page must have the 24/7 time frame toggle activated in order for it to appear.

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