Definition of Emotional Tag Rate

Emotional Tag Rate is defined as the percentage of all Reactions that contain one or more @ mentioned (i.e. tagged) users.

What Does Emotional Tag Rate Mean?

Think of Emotional Tag Rate as another way to measure post virality and shareability. @ tagging other users on social platforms is a way to loop them into a conversation. This is a behavior widely seen across many social platforms, but this behavior is especially prevalent on Facebook and Instagram. 

Notably for Instagram, which does not have a publically visible method of sharing posts, @ tagging other users is the primary way to share a post publically with friends.

Let's use Marvel Entertainment's Instagram Content page to explore how Canvs' Emotional Tag Rate is calculated in more detail:

  1. We see that there have been 14,763 Reactions in the past 7 days.

  2. Within the key Canvs metrics section of the page on the right-hand side, you'll see the page's Emotional Tag Rate. This means that 29.8% of 14,763 Reactions contain at least one @ tagged user. If we do the math (14,763 * 29.8%, we discover that there were 4399 Emotional Reactions where a user @ tagged one or more other users.

Where Can I Find Canvs' Emotional Tag Rate Metric?

Canvs' Emotional Tag Rate metric is available on the Content Page for Owned Facebook and Instagram.

Example Emotional Tag Rate on an Owned Facebook Content Page

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