Definition of Linear and 24/7 Mode

Within Canvs' Twitter TV product, you have the ability to analyze only Linear Emotional Reactions or to expand your results to include 24/7 Reactions (i.e. Reactions that fall outside the linear airtime window). 

Linear Mode

Within linear mode, canvs only analyzes Emotional Reactions that occurred 3 hours before, during or 3 hours after a new/live airing. This timeframe is also called the Linear Airtime Window. 

An example of a Twitter TV Content Page in Linear Mode

24/7 Mode

Within 24/7 Mode, canvs analyzes all Emotional Reactions to the series, inclusive of the Linear Airtime Window. 

Example of a Twitter TV Content Page in 24/7 Mode

How Do I Use These Modes?

You can toggle between Linear and 24/7 mode to understand the social TV behavior of TV audiences. For shows that see high levels of live tune in, using linear mode allows you to story tell how fans are talking about new or live airings. 

For shows with higher levels of binge watching or VOD behavior, selecting 24/7 Mode will ensure you are analyzing the largest possible number of emotional reactions. Additionally, you can use Canvs' time shifted reactions metric in 24/7 Mode to quantify just how much non-live reactions are happening with your series.

Where is Linear and 24/7 mode available?

Because these measurement options only pertain to TV, the Linear and 24/7 Modes are only available on the Twitter TV content page and the Twitter TV Explore Modify tab.  

Example of the Linear and 24/7 Mode Toggle on a Twitter TV Content Page 

Example of Linear and 24/7 Mode within the Modify tab within Explore for Twitter TV

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