Definition of Linear Airtime Window

The Linear Airtime Window (sometimes shortened to "Linear Window" or simply "Linear") measures all Emotional Reactions that occurred 3 hours before, during or 3 hours after a new/live airing. The Linear Airtime Window is inclusive of the Airtime of an airing.

What Does the Linear Airtime Window Mean?

The Linear Airtime Window is most commonly used to measure social TV Reactions to new/live airings. This is in contrast to "catch-up" social TV behaviors, such as VOD and "binge-watching". Use this mode when you are trying to understand how audience members are Reacting to new airings live on television. 

When viewing Twitter TV Content pages in the Linear Airtime Mode, new features become available, most notably the Video player and Moments if users are viewing an individual airing in Linear Mode. 

What Products and Features Use the Linear Airtime Window?

The Linear Airtime Window is only available for the Twitter TV Canvs product since the metric is exclusive to TV. Within the Twitter TV product, the Content page is the most prominent place where the Linear Airtime Window is used. It is also available within Explore for Twitter TV and the Compare page if at least one Twitter TV source is selected.

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