Key Features and Functionality of the Canvs Home Page

  • Quickly navigate to your most important Canvs content.

  • Continue working on Canvs projects (where you left off).

  • Navigate to trending content.

  • Quickly access Canvs' main features and global search.

Whenever you log into Canvs, you'll land on the Home Page. From any other page in Canvs, you can click on the Home button on the top left of the page to return Home.

Canvs Home Page Features and Functionality

  1. Source Filter – This toggle filters what sources are shown on the Home Page. By default, All sources your Canvs organization has enabled are selected and visible. 

  2. Continue Where You Left Off – Continue Where You Left Off gives you quick links back to the most recent pages you've viewed in Canvs. This is very helpful when you're performing complex analyses over multiple work sessions. Canvs saves the last 24 accessed pages, ordered by how recently you viewed them.

  3. Your Favorites – Any Content that you have Favorited (read more on how to Favorite Canvs content in the Global Search Feature Overview) will appear here. Favorites allow you to quickly navigate to your most used Canvs assets. 

  4. 5. 6. 7. Trending Content (by Source) – Here you will see the top Canvs content, ordered by the total number of Emotional Reactions they drove. This feature is useful to quickly navigate to the hottest content that recently aired/was published. Trending Content is broken out by source (e.g. Twitter TV, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram). Depending on what Canvs products your organization has purchased, you will see slightly different results compared to the image above. 

Note: Trending content functions slightly differently by source. For Twitter TV, Trending Content ranks the most Reacted to Airings from Yesterday. For Owned Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, Trending Content ranks the most Reacted to content from the past 7 days.

Canvs Profile Settings

Your Canvs Profile settings contain everything you need to manage your Canvs login. You can access your Profile Settings from any Canvs page by clicking the top right button where your name is displayed.

My Account
- This links to your Profile Page

Social Accounts - This links you to your Social Accounts Manager page where you can authorize pages/channels/accounts or Unsubscribe to the ones you already authorized.

Target Audiences - This links you to the Target Audience Manager page. 

Sign Out - This will sign you out of Canvs.

Please note: You may have additional custom options depending on your organization's Canvs subscription. 

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