Canvs automatically ingests and analyzes all public posts from Facebook pages you are tracking in our system. However, sometimes there are non-public posts that target a specific group of your fans, or non-public promoted posts (posts colloquially referred to as "Dark Posts").

Non-public posts are not accessible through Facebook's API, so Canvs cannot automatically track them. However, we are able to analyze Facebook dark posts manually for any posts you have access to.

A quick guide on how to process Dark Posts in Canvs

You can process Facebook dark posts in one of two ways:

Option 1 – You have analyst or higher level insights access to the page

If you have access to a Facebook Page's insights panel, you'll be able to process dark posts yourself in the Canvs platform. Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Click the profile settings drop-down on the top right of Canvs and select the option "Owned Facebook Data." 

  2. You will be navigated to the Owned Facebook tab of your profile settings. Select the button on the upper left called "Authorize More Pages"

  3. A new tab will open. Click the button titled " Authorize Canvs." This forms a connection between Facebook and Canvs. 

  4. If you're not currently logged into Facebook, you will be prompted to log in. Don't worry, Canvs doesn't save your Facebook password. All this does is tell Facebook that you want to start sending data from a page to Canvs. 

  5. From there, you'll be sent back to the Canvs authentication page and presented with a searchable drop-down list of the pages that Canvs is tracking and to which you have insights-level access. Find the page that posted the dark posts you want to track.

  6. You'll be directed to a page with several options. Select the option "Enter Post ID".

  7. Paste the dark post's Facebook Post ID in that section and click ok. Repeat this process for all dark posts you want to add to that page. 

Where to Find the Post ID:

The post ID is the string of numbers at the end of a Facebook Post's URL. Important: If you are getting the post from Facebook itself, you need to click on the timestamp of the post to access the post ID.

Copy + Paste the numbers at the end of the URL (this is the Post ID)

Option 2 – You do not have analyst or higher level insights access to the page

This option has fewer steps, but it requires the Canvs support team to assist you in processing your dark posts. Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. First, let the Canvs support team know if the dark posts you want to process are all from the same page or from different pages.

  2. Next, you'll need to tell them if you'd like these dark posts to be run in a separate "collection" or be added to their respective pages. A collection means you'll have a new, separate Content page experience that only contains the dark posts you sent to the Canvs support team. This option can be helpful when analyzing a large Facebook campaign where content was promoted from several different pages.

  3. Let the Support team know what you'd like this collection to be called since you'll need to search for that name to find your Dark Post collection in Canvs' global search. (You can read more about searching for content in Canvs here.)

  4. Last but not least, you need to send the Canvs support team the post URLs for all Dark Posts you want them to analyze.

How long will it take Canvs to process my Dark Posts?

Depending on the number of posts and the scale of the comments, your dark posts should be processed and available in Canvs in a matter of hours. Please allow for additional turnaround time if this request comes from outside the EST hours 9 – 6 EST M – F or if there you are processing a significant number of dark posts. 

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