Canvs seeks to understand the way people speak online and to accurately identify emotions within the unnatural language of the internet. Canvs is a learning system that is constantly evolving and adapting to new colloquialisms using a combination of Data Science and Human Judgement.

Now you can be a part of teaching Canvs. If Canvs’ categorization of a Reaction isn’t quite right, you can now click Flag to help Canvs learn. Just hover your cursor over the right-hand corner of the reaction and the Flag option will appear. 

You will be asked a simple question about the reason for the flag.

What Happens When I Flag a Reaction?
Each Flagged Reaction will be reviewed by the in-house Human Judgement Team at Canvs. Your input will help Canvs understand the unnatural language of the internet and structure it in understandable emotional expressions.

Why We're Releasing This Feature
Canvs is committed to accuracy. Canvs looks at content and asks the following questions: 

  • Is this reaction emotional? 

  • Which emotion is being conveyed? 

  • What topic is the emotional reaction about? 

By using Data Science (employing algorithms, proprietary information, patented and patent pending materials) and Human Judgement, Canvs seeks to answer these questions, now with the added perspective of our clients.

Our new Reaction Flagging feature gives you the opportunity to teach Canvs how to manage unnatural language. Your input will help Canvs keep learning at the speed of emotions.

Our support team is always here for you! If you would like to discuss your data, you can reach out to your dedicated account manager.

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