Overview of Bookmark Feature

Canvs' Bookmark Feature allows you to save Comparisons so they can be set up once and used repeatedly. Bookmarks are currently available exclusively on our Compare page.

Once you have created a Compare set, you are able to save it as a Bookmark to access it in the future. To create a Bookmark, simply click Bookmark This on the Compare page.

Creating Rolling and Static Bookmarks for Compare

When you set up a Compare page, select the desired pages and filter criteria. Important Note: Bookmarks function differently depending on the type of date range you select for your Compare assets.

Rolling Bookmarks

Select a Rolling Date if you would like your Bookmarked Compare to pull the latest data each time you access a Bookmark. For example, if you always want to see data for the past 7 days regardless of the date that you created your Bookmark, select Last 7 Days in the Rolling Selections date filter.

Static Bookmarks

Static Ranges are specific dates or airings that are manually selected. If a Static Date is selected, the Bookmark will always pull from those dates each time you access that Bookmark.

Recommendation: Rolling Date Selections will be most useful when using Bookmarks, because they give you updated data each time you access a Bookmark.

Saving a Bookmark

Once you have set up your Compare, you can Bookmark This to save your Compare Page as a Bookmark.

You have several options when saving your Bookmarks:

  1. Use the Notes field add additional context to a Bookmark. 

  2. The filter dropdown allows you to confirm that the content filters are set up as necessary. If not, click Cancel and edit the Compare page. 

  3. Select whether you want to Share a bookmark with other Canvs users in your company or keep your Bookmark private. Personal indicates that only you will see your bookmarked Compare page. Shared Bookmarks will be available for all other Canvs users in your organization.

  4. Click Save to create and save your new Bookmark.

Accessing Your Bookmarks

All of your Bookmarks will show under the Bookmarks menu option at the top right of your screen.

Clicking on your Bookmark will load your Bookmarked Compare page. If you have selected rolling dates, the data will be updated based on your Bookmark settings.

Modifying your Bookmark

You can edit any Personal Bookmarks and any Shared Bookmarks that you created. You are not able to edit Shared Bookmarks that other users have created. 

Click on the vertical ellipses to the right hand corner of saved bookmark to Edit or Delete the bookmark. 

You are able to edit Notes and whether the bookmark is Personal or Shared. 

If you would like to edit the content or filters of the Compare page, navigate to the Compare page and create a new Bookmark. 

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