Canvs' Facebook TV product tracks hundreds Facebook Pages, enabling you to understand and benchmark an entire new ecosystem of content. 

Our Approach

Canvs tracks all verified TV Series pages with the goal of providing Facebook analysis that is complimentary to our Twitter TV product. 

To be included in Facebook TV, a Facebook Page must be Verified and its page category must be TV Show.

Please Note: Canvs does not track Special Events, Sports, Network or Talent pages as a part of Facebook TV. 

If a Facebook page does not exist in the Facebook TV universe, you can still ingest ad hoc pages using our Owned Facebook product. For more information, please see Authenticating Owned Facebook Data or contact 

Canvs checks for new TV Show pages daily. Upcoming series pages will automatically added to the system when the Verified Page and TV Show criteria are met. The page will be manually checked by the Canvs team for quality assurance and will be available on your user dashboard the following day. 

Key Facebook TV Details

  • Historical Data is available going back to September 1, 2017. Starting May 15, 2020, Canvs will archive the actual verbatims from our database for years 2017 and prior, retaining the current year plus two historical years on a rolling basis. Each January, we will archive the oldest year to maintain our data privacy and retention requirements.

  • Canvs updates Emotional Reactions for each post daily for 5 days after the posting date.

  • Publicly available engagement metrics are tracked for each post. Public engagement metrics are Shares, Likes, and Facebook Reactions.
    Please note: Impressions, Reach, and other Insights level data will not be available for syndicated pages.

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