Now that we've discussed how to create competitive sets using Compare, let's talk about how to rank and benchmark an entire industry with Canvs.

Introducing Explore

With Explore you can rank and benchmark emotions across an entire industry with a few simple clicks.

You can use the Explore to:

  • Rank your content against competitors

  • Understand emotional norms by industry

  • Identify trends to inform content creation

Rank Your Content Against Competitors

You can use Compare to create competitive sets. But what if you want to compare your content against all your competitors? That's when you should reach for Explore. 

The Most Emotionally Reacted to Programs on Facebook TV

Explore allows you to measure all of Canvs' syndicated and owned content sources to see where you emotionally rank in the context of your industry.

You can use Explore's Modify tab to set custom date ranges and filters to create a unique competitive framework. Explore will automatically create competitive norms and show you where your content ranks.

Understand Emotional Norms by Industry

In addition to ranking, Explore will create emotional averages to help you understand "what is normal" among your competitive set. 

You can go a step further by toggling Explore's Benchmark feature to see how your content compares to the norm. A positive number means you're over-performing, while a negative number means you're performing lower than is normal.

Benchmarking Cable News Networks on Twitter TV

Since Explore provides you with industry norms, you can use it to understand what type of content is resonating among your industry's audience, and what content is falling flat.

Explore automatically groups related content into categories, allowing you to see what genres, content types, and Emotional Drivers are most effective in generating an emotional response.

Read more about Advanced Explore Use Cases:

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