Use Case

Program Researchers, Marketers and other users can use Canvs to contextualize and benchmark content against the competition. 

There are two ways you can quickly Benchmark your content against the competition: the Benchmark This button on the Content page and the Select Content to Rank feature of the Explore page.

Step-By-Step Guide

Benchmarking on the Content Page

Use the Benchmark This button to rank a show or post directly from the Content page. 

  • Search for the content you would like to Benchmark. Click here to learn how to search for content. 

  • From the Content page, click on the Benchmark This button.

  • The selected content will automatically appear in comparison with its competitive universe. It will be benchmarked against shows with a similar Genre and Airing Type.

  • The show you are benchmarking will be highlighted, allowing you to contextualize where it ranks against the competition.

Benchmarking with Explore

You can also create a competitive set in Explore and then search for a particular Canvs asset to quickly see how it ranks against the competition. 

  1. Navigate to the Explore page. 

  2. Enter the criteria for your competitive set using the Modify tab. For more details about setting up your competitive universe, click here

  3. Choose the type of data you would like to consider, such as Networks, Programs, Airings, etc. The types of data available for benchmarks and ranking will differ per source. 

  4. Start typing the name of the asset that you would like to identify in your competitive set under the Select Content to Rank section. Note: The asset to type in will depend on the type ranker you've selected in step #3. 

5. Select the name of the asset you would like to Benchmark from the list.

The asset you've selected will be highlighted and your screen will automatically scroll to where it's located in the list.

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