Canvs' Airing Summary feature is designed for Program Researchers to produce quick and automated summaries for next day reporting. Airing Summary is available for single airings of programming on Twitter TV Content pages. Airing Summary is not currently available for OTT.

Navigate to the Twitter TV Series page and click the Download Airing Summary button.

A customized one page Airing Summary report will be created. Click Download here to export the report to your local computer.

If the report does not automatically open, you can locate it in the Downloads folder of your computer. The Airing Summary will appear as a one page PDF document. 

The title of the report and series picture contain hyperlinks. Click to go directly the Series page. 

The Airing Summary looks for the competitive set that tells the most compelling story for your show by looking at similar airings within the same day and genre. The upper left-hand corner contains a definition of the competitive set and shows where your airing ranks within that set.

The upper right-hand side of the page includes a high level summary of how the episode performed based on total Emotional Reactions, Reaction Rate and Emotional Breakdown. If the Series had a previous airing, the Airing Summary will show how the Emotional Reactions and Reaction Rate changed.

In this example, Season 2 Episode 9 of CW's Riverdale had 23.5% more Emotional Reactions than Episode 8, while the Reaction Rate is slightly down (7.1%) from the previous airing. 

The middle of the Airing Summary report displays the top Topics that drove Emotional Reactions in each of the top Emotions for the episode. 

In this example, conversation around the Mid Season Finale was the biggest driver of Excited reactions. 

Below the top Topics, you will find a high level summary of how people felt about Talent, Characters and other categories of top emotional drivers. You will also find a sentence that describes where you rank in terms of driver trends. 

Top Emotional Drivers are located at the bottom of the Airing Summary. This section gives you a detailed understanding of the Emotional Reactions that resonated most with viewers. Top Drivers can be Characters, Talent, Brands, or Social Media. 

To the right of the Top Emotional Drivers, you will find a heat map that you can use to quickly see  how strongly each Driver drove top Emotions. Each driver also includes a Noteworthy Emotion; this will be the Emotion that was uniquely high for that driver. The map can help you understand who drives the most conversation around specific Emotions and also what makes each character stand out emotionally.

Using the Airing Summary, you can find specific insights on characters to further analyze. You can use Compare and Explore to benchmark and find nuance for each character.

Can't find the Airing Summary? Click here.

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