The Canvs' Automated Airing Summary Report produces quick and automated summary of a single episodes to streamline your next day reporting. This one page report contains competitive benchmarking data that is similar to our Explore feature. 

Once data is available in the Twitter TV Content Page, Canvs requires additional time for competitive analysis to be available in Explore and the Airing Summary Report. This results in a slight delay between when a new airing appears on the Content Page and when the Airing Summary Report becomes available.

Once a new airing is available to view on the Content Page, the Airing Summary Report should be ready in approximately an hour. 

Note: The Download Airing Summary button will be available on the page even if the report is not ready to generate. 

If you attempt to pull the Airing Summary before the competitive benchmarks are finished running, you will receive the following message:

We're still processing competitive benchmarks for this series. Please try again later or contact support for assistance.

Don't fret! Return to the Content Page and try again later. Once the benchmarks are complete, clicking the Download Airing Summary button will show the following message:

One page summary complete. Download here.

Thank you for your patience while we populate your Emotional Reaction data!

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