You may encounter Instagram posts that show a lower comment count in Canvs compared to what is shown on Instagram. This is due limitations with Instagram's API, which restrict how much data Canvs can access from Instagram posts.

Canvs can to pull the most recent 150 comments on a post each time we collect Instagram data. We request the data from Instagram several times a day, with the goal of capturing as many comments as possible across all the posts we are tracking.

This means that posts with a large volume of comments that happened across a short span of time (e.g. a viral post) won't have all comments pulled and analyzed within Canvs. In these cases, Canvs will analyze a sample of data.

There are also some post level restrictions for what Instagram's API will allow Canvs to pull. Currently, we are unable to collect data for IGTV posts and some Branded Content Media (generally comments on boosted or #advertiser posts).

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