An Emotional Reaction is defined as a dialogue response that contain one or more emotions. In some instances in the platform, the term "Emotional Reactions" is shortened to ERs.

When referencing one of Canvs' 42 core emotional categories, we refer to them as "Love Reactions", "Hate Reactions" etc.

An Emotional Reaction is the key unit of measurement within Canvs. It can be found within all of Canvs' products and sources. Depending on the product and platform, Canvs uses different inputs when measuring Emotional Reactions:

  • Twitter TV – A Tweet that contains an emotion. 

  • Facebook (Owned, Facebook TV, and Facebook Watch) – A comment or reply that contains an emotion.

  • Instagram – A comment that contains an emotion.

  • Youtube – A comment or reply that contains an emotion.

  • Surveys – A verbatim response that contains an emotion.

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