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Drop Dates added to the Date Picker for OTT

  • We've made some enhancements to the date picker for OTT programming. 

  • Canvs will now collect the Drop Date of new releases on OTT platforms. 

  • Canvs will allow users to select a date range that equals the Drop Date, Drop Date + 2 days, Drop Date + 6 days, and Drop Date + 29 days.

  • The timeline for OTT programming has been updated to include a red dot that specifies the Drop Date, the Season and number of Episodes released on that date.

Please note: Drop Date is available for Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Studios. Canvs will collect the Drop Date for these platforms for series with a release date after 1/1/2018, and will be historically backfilling older data sets at a later date. If a data set has not yet been backfilled with a drop date, the Drop Date options on the date picker will be disabled. 

Genre Level Insights

  • We've also made some changes to the Impact tab on our syndicated Facebook environments. 

  • The Impact tab on Facebook Watch and Facebook TV properties will include Genre Level Insights. Owned Facebook will continue to show Insights for the page itself. 

For more information on the Canvs Impact Engine, click here.

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