What's New?

Enhancements to Horizontal Bar Charts

  • The horizontal bar chart has a re-styled icon and now will automatically update when different emotions are selected. Each line in the bar chart is now clickable to sort verbatim responses by Topic. 

Enhancements to Canvs Surveys

  • Naming conventions for the Survey Export has been updated to "survey-title-export".

  • Filters will always display open ended Questions at the top of the page. An issue has been fixed that was removing the Questions filter if there were more than 50 filters. After the first Questions filter, all other filters will now be sorted alphabetically.

  • The filter limit to Quick Compare has been removed so that more than 20 choices will appear when applicable. A bug preventing the horizontal bar chart on expanded Compare rows has been resolved.

  • On the Survey Management page, Surveys will now always display chronologically. An issue has been fixed that would cause two or more Tags to display incorrectly. 

  • Email confirmations have been added for when surveys are available to analyze. 

  • Several bugs have been fixed that were preventing the Survey Uploader from processing correctly. Files with multiple tabs will now display properly in the Summary screen. 

  • The Upload Another button now properly returns users to the beginning of the upload process. A loading spinner has been added between the Submit and Success screen. For more information on the Canvs Survey Uploader, click here

Enhancements to Canvs Campaigns

  • The Campaign Manager will display the email address of the user that created the campaign and the time the survey was uploaded. 

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