What's New?

We've made some enhancements to the Canvs Movies product.

  • We've added three additional filters for Facebook and YouTube: Video Type, Channel Type and Channels.

  • We've added the ability to export data for each Source (Facebook, YouTube). Previously, the Export button was only available on the Aggregate view. 

We've also made enhancements to our Canvs Surveys product.

  • We've changed the look of the top of the Survey page by removing the large Survey header and replacing it with a toolbar that shows the Survey title. We have re-styled the top-line metrics and added Open Ends in this area.

  • The look of the Survey Question dropdown has been re-vamped. It will now auto-select the first question.

  • We have updated the Topics view so that the horizontal bar chart is the default view.

  • We added a new icon for Mixed Emotions under the verbatim response section.

  • We've changed the order of the Quick Compare dropdown so that Compare Questions in the at the top by default. If there is only one question, Compare Questions will not appear.

We've also made an enhancement to the Twitter TV Content Page by adding a Create Target Audience option.

Read all about the new Target Audience button here.

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