All users who subscribe to Twitter TV now have access to Canvs' new Target Audience feature. The Target Audience feature instantly groups users into customizable audiences, empowering you to get to more a nuanced comparative analysis faster than ever before. 

Uploading a Target Audience 

If you have a specific list of Twitter handles you would like to use, you are are able to upload Target Audiences from outside sources. 

Navigate to the Target Audiences option in your profile.

Click Upload Audience from the Target Audience Manager page. 

Import the spreadsheet that includes the Target Audience that you would like to upload.

 In this example, we will use a spreadsheet with Twitter handles of people who drink Pepsi. 

You can drag and drop the file into the white space on the screen, or click on Browse files to locate the spreadsheet on your local computer. 

The spreadsheet must be in xlsx, .xls, or .csv format. If your spreadsheet has more than one tab, you will be prompted to select the tab that contains the Twitter author handles for your Target Audience. Once you have selected the tab, click Next

Select the header row for the Target Audience and click Next

Select the column that includes the handles for the Target Audience you are uploading. You can upload one Target Audience at a time. 

On the following screen, give your Target Audience a name and include any Tags or Descriptions as needed. Click Next.

Review your information and click Submit

You will receive a message that your import was successful. You can now add more Target Audiences (Upload Another) or go to the Target Audience Manager (Go to Target Audiences).

Note: Canvs can consider up to 5,000 handles at a time. If you upload a larger audience, a sample of 5,000 will be used. 

Your imported Target Audience will appear in the Target Audiences Manager and as a filter on any Twitter TV Content Page.

Creating a Target Audience

Users can create a new Target Audience from any Twitter TV Series and can also access and apply that audience via a filter on any other Twitter TV Program. To obtain a list of users for a Target Audience, navigate to a Twitter TV Content page. 

In this example, we have filtered on people who expressed Enjoyment in Season 2 of Star on Fox.

With the data filtered as needed on the screen, click +Create Target Audience.

Assign a clear name to your Target Audience. This will allow you to identify the Target Audience when you go to use it in a Filter. 

Note: Canvs considers up to 5,000 authors for Target Audience. The first 5,000 will be used if the audience is larger. 

A message will appear alerting you that your Target Audience was successfully created. 

Applying Target Audiences to the Content Page

If you want to see how the members of the Target Audience reacted to a different program, you can navigate to the Content Page of another show and click on Filter. 

In this example, we want to see how people who Enjoyed Star on Fox reacted to The Voice.

The Content page will update with data from members of the Target Audience you filtered on. 

In this example, people who Enjoyed Star on Fox also had 22 Emotional Reactions to The Voice on NBC

You are able view the Tweets filtered only on those that came from your Target Audience. 

Using Target Audiences with Compare

A Target Audience Filter is also available on the Compare page for Twitter TV.

In this example, we are comparing how fans who Emotionally Reacted to the Season 12 Finale of America's Got Talent felt about the Season 14 Finale of The Voice.

You are able to use Quick Compare with Target Audiences.

In this example, we are looking at the Season Finale of Season 13 of America's Got Talent. 

Using Quick Compare - Target Audiences, we can see how Fans who Reacted to the Season 10, 11 and 12 Finale reacted to the Season 13 Finale of America's Got Talent. 

If a Target Audience filter is applied to the data you are viewing, you will see the filter reflected on any exports for both Compare pages and Content pages.

Target Audiences are stored on the user level - that is, you will only see the Target Audiences that you create for yourself. 

Please note: There is a limit of 5,000 users per audience. If you save a Target Audience of over 5,000 users, the system will choose a random sample of 5,000.

Using Target Audiences with Explore

With the Audience Affinity Reports feature in Explore, Canvs allows you to see what other Networks and Programs a Target Audience is reacting to within a specific date range. You can look across Brand audiences, TV Program audiences or create your own custom Target Audience to analyze. 

Click here to learn more about Audience Affinity Reports in Explore. 

Target Audience Manager

To upload, view or update any of the Target Audiences you have created, you can access the Target Audience Manager page. You can access he Target Audience Manager under your profile.

Here you are able to Edit or Delete any Target Audiences that you have created. You can also Download Audience from the Target Audience Manager

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