What's New?

  • Quick Compare has been updated so that you can select Current View, restoring the default functionality prior to the additional options that were added in early September. 

  • We've increased the amount of Topics visible on the Horizontal Bar Chart for all products. Now you'll be able to scroll through the top 50 Topics in the Horizontal Bar Chart instead of the top 10 Topics. 

  • When you view the Canvs Campaigns Overview Page, the top five emotions for that dataset will be shown by default.

  • We've improved the readability of Structured Search by changing the font color. 

We have made some enhancements to our Canvs Movies Product.

  • We've added a Time Period After Video Release filter that gives the ability to analyze videos by pre-defined date ranges after the video's release date (for example: the First 24hrs or First Week). This is available both in YouTube and Facebook.

  • Channels, Channel Types, Video Types, and Time Period filters have been added to all Canvs Movies Exports and in the Modify section on the Canvs Movies Overview.

  • We've added a Channel Ranker on all Movie views. 

You'll also see enhancements for our new Target Audience feature.

  • Target Audiences are now an option in the Quick Compare dropdown if a Target Audience has been created for the show that is currently being viewed.

  • On all Twitter TV Compare sets, you can now apply all Target Audiences that you have created.

  • If a Target Audiences filter was applied, exported data will reflect the filter for Compare page and Content page exports.

Canvs Surveys also has some exciting updates. 

  • We’ve added the ability to view and analyze both emotional and non-emotional open ended responses in the platform. 

  •  In addition to an Emotions Map, the Canvs Surveys Content Page now has an option to view a Topics Map

Other enhancements:

  • Tool tips have been updated for Emotion metics on Explore forTwitter TV. 

  • The Post Analysis export on Live Video posts for Canvs Watch has been corrected. 

  • The Metrics drop down has been added back to the Campaign Overview and Compare when there is only one row. 

  • An issue where YouTube comment links were redirecting to an invalid page has been fixed. 

  • The Print Table option on the horizontal bar chart export has been removed.

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