Content Page Enhancements

  • The look and location of the Dataset Question dropdown has been re-vamped. We've separated out Questions from the rest of the Filters into its own dropdown on the left hand side of the toolbar. It will display in a larger font and will now auto-select the first question.

  • We've changed the look of the top of the Dataset page by removing the large Dataset header and replacing it with a toolbar that shows the Dataset title. We have re-styled the top-line metrics and added Open Ends in this area.

  • After the first Questions filter, all other filters will now be sorted alphabetically.

  • The Hashtag ranker is now hidden for Canvs MRX.

Open Ended Response Updates

  • We’ve added the ability to view and analyze both emotional and non-emotional open ended responses in the platform. 

  • You'll now see the associated Emotion and Demographic data directly in the verbatim responses.

  • We've added a new icon for Mixed Emotions under the verbatim response section.

Topics View

  •  In addition to an Emotions Map, the Canvs MRX Content Page now has an option to view a Topics Map

  • The Topics and Emotions Map now include a Threshold slider. This allows you to exclude Topics that fall below a percentage that you set between 1 and 5 %. 

  • We have updated the Topics view at the bottom left hard corned of the page so that the horizontal bar chart is the default view.

  • The information on the Rankers will be based on the Map you are looking at. The Topics Map will show an Emotions Ranker and the Emotions Map will show the Topics Ranker.

  • We've increased the amount of Topics visible on the Horizontal Bar Chart for all products, including Canvs MRX. Now you'll be able to scroll through the top 50 Topics in the Horizontal Bar Chart instead of the top 10 Topics. 

  • Topics will no longer re-sort themselves when clicked or when scrolling through verbatim open ended responses.

Quick Compare

  • We've changed the order of the Quick Compare dropdown so that Compare Questions in the at the top by default. If there is only one question, Compare Questions will not appear.

  • The filter limit to Quick Compare has been removed so that more than 20 choices will appear when applicable. The horizontal bar chart on expanded Compare rows has been updated so that it is always available.


We've enhanced our Dataset Export feature on the Dataset Content Page. 

  • The new and improved export contains all emotional and non-emotional verbatim responses with their corresponding Canvs Emotional and Topical analysis displayed.

  • Naming conventions for the Dataset Export has been updated to "dataset-title-export".

Home Page Enhancements

  • We’ve given Canvs MRX its own icon so you can more easily distinguish it from other data in Continue Where You Left Off.

MRX Management Page Enhancements

  • On the MRX Management page, Datasets will now always display chronologically. An issue has been fixed that would cause two or more Tags to display incorrectly. 

MRX Uploader Enhancements

  • Email confirmations have been added for when datasets are available to analyze. 

  • Several bugs have been fixed that were preventing the MRX Uploader from processing correctly. Files with multiple tabs will now display properly in the Summary screen. 

  • The Upload Another button now properly returns users to the beginning of the upload process. A loading spinner has been added between the Submit and Success screen. For more information on the Canvs MRX Uploader, click here

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