In order to track and analyze any public Facebook page, you must add the page in Canvs. Adding a page will track and analyze new content from your selected asset moving forward.

Select Social Accounts from your Profile dropdown in the far right corner of the application header.

Click on the Facebook option and then the + Public Pages button.

You will be prompted to enter the page URL or page name. 

Once the page has been located, click Add Public Page to add the page. 

The Facebook page will be available to analyze in Canvs shortly after. 

Please note: Seven days of historical data will be pulled in when you add the Public page. If you need to see data farther back than 7 days, please reach out to 

Starting May 15, 2020, Canvs will archive the actual verbatims from our database for years 2017 and prior, retaining the current year plus two historical years on a rolling basis. Each January, we will archive the oldest year to maintain our data privacy and retention requirements.

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