What's New?

  • We've made the Apply button easier to find when filtering on Content Pages. You will now find the button on the top of the screen rather than below the filter selection. 

  • We've enhanced Structured Search so the user can immediately start typing once they click on Search.

We've made the following enhancements to our Canvs Movies product:

  • We've added Channels and Time Period After Release as Quick Compare options. 

  • The Movie Poster has been changed to a generic Canvs Movies icon on Global Search on Compare. This will allow there to be a distinction between the Canvs Movies property and other assets with the same name. 

  • You can now go directly to the Canvs Movies page when clicking on an asset from Compare or Global Search. 

  • We've added the ability to duplicate rows in Compare. This will allow you to quickly modify Comparisons with similar criteria. 

  • You'll see  additional filters on Compare (For Youtube, you'll see Video Type, Channel Type, Channels and Time Period After Release; for Facebook - Video Type and Time Period After Release).

  • When you apply a filter on Compare, you will now see what filters you have applied, for example  "2 Posts within First 48 Hours after release" instead of "2 Posts with 1 Filter").

  • Hashtags and Mentions are now available in the Canvs Movies ranker. 

  • The default date picker sentence in Compare is now updated to reflect the default Canvs Movies date range (the date of the first available video through the release date). 

We've made the following enhancements to the Target Audience feature on the Twitter TV Content Page:

  • We've added a Target Audience Manager page. You can access this under your profile.

  • On the Target Audience Manager, you are able to Edit Details or Delete any Target Audiences that you have created. You can also Export Users from the Target Audience Manager

  • We've fixed an issue so that was preventing Target Audiences being applies to the Compare Page when Quick Compare current view is selected. 

You'll see the following changes for Canvs Surveys.

  • You will now be able to "Clear All" on Structured Search.

  • We've fixed an error that was occurring when an attempt to change the tab of a spreadsheet in the Surveys Uploader. 

  • The Hashtag Ranker has been hidden on Canvs Surveys. Other rankers will update based on the Topics or Emotions ranker. 

  • The information on the Surveys rankers will be based on the Map you are looking at. The Topics Map will show an Emotions Ranker and the Emotions Map will show the Topics Ranker.

Other bug fixes:

  • Verbatim responses now filter when you click an Author's handle on the Audience tab of the Content Page. 

  • We've fixed an issue where the “View More” button was not working when you Compared Facebook TV and Twitter TV.

  • We've fixed the Driver Categories drop-down in Compare.

  • We've updated the tooltip that appears when you click and hover above “Quick Compare”.

  • When selecting an emotion from the Emotion Map, the horizontal bar chart is now correctly showing the Emotional Reactions.

  • We've removed the Topic icon when there are no Topics in the verbatim section.

  • We've removed any Topics with zero comments or Emotional Reactions in the Topics ranker.

  • We've fixed the link to the YouTube Campaign page from the Compare page.

  • You will now see the correct verbatim responses when filtering a small number of verbatim responses by Topic.

  • The Export drop down on the Horizontal Bar Chart is now working correctly. 

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