What's New?

  • We've made optimizations to improve homepage load time.

  • Shares, Comments and Emotional Tag Rate are now available as metrics in Explore for Facebook TV, Owned Facebook, and Canvs Watch.

  • We have added a Target Audiences Uploader, available through the Target Audiences management page. To find out more about Target Audiences, click here

We have made enhancements to how users authorize Facebook, YouTube and Instagram pages.

  • Users now have the ability to add public Facebook Pages in Canvs. Previously, users could only add pages that they Owned. For instructions on how to add a public Facebook page, click here.

  • We have removed a layer of authorization for importing a video for YouTube.

  • Instagram Authorization through the Facebook Graph API has been moved out of the Owned Facebook tab and is now in the Instagram tab in the profile page. There is no longer a way to authorize Instagram through the Legacy API, which will be depreciated at the end of November 2018. To learn more about authorizing Instagram through the Facebook Graph API, click here

We have made updates to Canvs Movies.

  • A Compare Genres option is now available for Quick Compare. This option will populate the top 15 movies for the specific genre in a Compare set.

  • We have updated the format of the Canvs Movies export.

We have made some styling updates updates to Canvs Surveys.

  • Surveys in the Continue Where You Left Off section of the homepage no longer have a TV background image.

  • Topics with no Emotional Reactions associated with them will show in the ranker and the tree map. 

Other bug fixes:

  • Selecting Movies on Global Search now defaults to the Movie date range and not the last 7 days.

  • The Current View option on Quick Compare now defaults to the Top 5 Emotions.

  • The settings drop-down on the Trend Over Time graph no longer opens up behind the timeline.

  • The video player on Twitter TV no longer overlaps elements on the Content page. 

  • Time Period After Video Release filter information now is available on the Summary tab of the Movies export.

  • Duration information for Live videos on Facebook has been corrected.

  • Drivers Category drop-down values are populating on filters for Twitter TV.

  • Campaigns are now showing on the Campaigns management page .

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