What's New?

  • We've redirected all app.canvs.social pages to our new and improved app.canvs.ai link. 

  • We've updated Explore exports to include Comments and Replies for YouTube and Facebook and Shares and Emotional Tag Rate for Facebook.

  • Total Volume has been added as a new metric on Compare. Total Volume is the total number of Comments and Replies, Tweets or Open Ends.

We've made a few updates to Canvs Watch:

  • We've added a Topics Map that's representative of all Comments and Replies, not just those that are a part of Emotional Reactions. 

  • Enhancements have been made to the verbatim comment section . Emotion and Topics information is now displayed on each Comment or Reply.

Campaigns have also been improved:

  • We've fixed an issue so all entered Tags will display. 

We've also updated Canvs Movies:

  • We've added a spinning icon to indicate  that data is being gathered on Compare pages when users Quick Compare by Genre. 

  • There is now a title and description on the top of the Compare page when data is generated from Quick Compare. 

We have made some styling updates on Canvs Surveys:

  • Excluding Topics in Structured Search will now remove them from the Topics Map. 

  • A new Total Volume metric has been added to Compare when you select any Quick Compare option on Surveys. We've updated Quick Compare to include selected Structured Search terms into Compare for Surveys.

  • Users can once again rename questions during the Columns as Questions option for multi-tab files in Surveys uploading process.

Other bug fixes:

  • Canvs Impact Engine insights are now consistently showing in the Impact tab for Facebook Watch 

  • The ability to edit and delete bookmarks has been restored.

  • An extra period has been removed from the end of Ranker tooltips on the Content Page.

  • We've adjusted the Target Audiences Uploader to allow for additional file formats.

  • An issue where text overlapped for rows #10 and above in Compare has been resolved. 

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