What's New?

Tree Map and Word Cloud Exports

  • We've made some additions to our exporting abilities. Users can now export the Topics or Emotions tree map in all products. Click the Export button to download the map into a PNG file. 

  • Users can also now export the Word Cloud as a PNG file in all products.

Canvs Surveys Quick Compare Tags

  • We've added a new option for Quick Compare that automatically creates a separate row to Compare all Surveys you have marked with the selected Tag. 

Bug Fixes

  • For Twitter TV, Quick Compare categories correctly appear in Compare rows.

  • Users can see all Surveys and Campaigns on the Manager pages despite inactivity.

  • The emotional cluster "Looks Good" is now showing volume on Compare.

  • Drop Date information for OTT shows has been corrected. 

  • The default ranker has been adjusted for all products.

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