What's New?

Canvs Surveys

Canvs has made some exciting enhancements to the Survey Manager Page. In addition to a brand new look, the Survey Manager page now allows users to Edit Survey Details, Download Analysis and Archive surveys. Read all about it here!

Canvs Watch, Owned Facebook and Facebook TV

New metrics are available for Facebook Explore: Total and Emotional Tag Counts (volume mode) as well as Total and Emotional Tag Rate (rate mode).

Canvs Movies

  • An Audience export is now available for YouTube.

  • Filters applied to the Reaction tab will also filter the Audience tab. 

  • Users can now see all movies that we have in our database under All Movies instead of a limitation of 1,000 on the home page.

  • The Users Export now respects all filters. For example, when you filter the page with Love and Like, you will only get those two fields in the Users Export instead of all 42 emotions + 1 mixed emotion.

Bug Fixes

  • The number of authenticated Instagram pages on the IG dashboard now matches the actual number of authenticated properties.

  • Search terms on screen when Quick Compare is selected are now being passed to the Compare screen. 

  • Structured Search is now appearing in Compare.

  • An issue where a stray bracket } was showing on each row in Explore has been resolved. 

  • Twitter TV Linear metrics for Reactions per Airing have been corrected. Reactions per Post metrics have been corrected  on Owned Sources.

  • A newly created Bookmark will immediately show in the Bookmark manager, as opposed to requiring a refresh of the screen.

  • The + - Drop Dates buttons for OTT shows are now functioning correctly.

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