What's New?


Campaigns has a new and improved management page. 

  • We've added 3 new columns to the Management Page - Start Date, End Date and Source.

  • Status, Source and Tags have been added as filters. 

  • You're now able to sort the list by Status, Campaign Name, Assets, Start Date, End Date and Last Updated.  

  • You have new options with the three dot menu (...) on each Campaign.

  • Within the three dot menu, users can Edit Details, Download Analysis or Archive a completed campaign. 

  • Selecting Edit Details in the Campaign brings you to the edit page. When editing the campaign, adding new links and clicking Update will now refresh the page immediately, instead of having to wait until the following day. 

  • Download Analysis will export an excel file with details for the whole campaign. 

  • We've added the ability to Archive a Completed campaign. This will take campaigns that you don't need to see anymore out of your default view. 

You will be asked to confirm if you would like to archive your campaign. 

  • The default Campaign Manager view will show Active Campaigns, but you can toggle your view to see All Campaigns or Archived Campaigns by selecting the drop down on the left corner of the screen. 

  • You can make a campaign Active again by going to the Archived campaign, clicking the three dot menu and selecting Move to Active Campaigns

Note: Archiving a campaign does not delete the data and will not restore the number of campaigns available to include an extra spot. If you need additional campaigns, please reach out to support@canvs.ai.

  • We've added a count to show you how many campaigns have been used vs. how many campaigns are available. 

For more details about Canvs Campaigns, click here

Owned Facebook

When adding a new Public Facebook Page, you now have the ability to search pages through the dropdown list. You'll no longer have to copy and paste the link of the page manually.


  • Structured Search now includes Topics from non-emotional verbatim responses.

  • We've adjusted the verbatim count on the Survey Manager to display remaining open ends, as opposed to used open ends. 

The feature that everyone has been waiting for is here - Survey Editing! Users will be able to edit Topics and Emotions on both individual and bulk open ended responses. With Editing, users can: 

  • Delete a single open ended response

  • Remove Topics

  • Create a New Topic

  • Merge Topics

  • Group open ended responses together

  • Reclassify emotions

To learn all about Survey Editing, click here

Bug Fixes

We've squashed a bunch of bugs with this release. 


  • "OMG" errors and blank pages on Movie pages have been resolved.


  • We've fixed a bug that was preventing campaign End Date changes. The pencil icon is now restored beside Campaign End Date to allow editing. 


  • The number of total posts and other header metrics is now properly updating when filtering by videos on a Canvs Watch content page.

  • We've fixed the error message that was appearing when a user tried to add a valid Public Page in Owned Facebook.


  • Small emotional values are now showing up in tooltips.

  • Selecting a point from the timeline no longer breaks the rendering of the topics/emotions tree map.

  • When “Looks Good” is one of the metrics in Compare, the header row will line up correctly. 

  • The Reaction Flag dropdown no longer randomly disappears.

  • We've fixed issues on the Branded Content tab on Explore.

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