The goal of Highlights in Canvs MRX is to empower researchers to immediately and in plain language understand the biggest, most statistically significant takeaways from their open ended responses.

Click here to learn about the Methodology used for the Canvs MRX Highlights feature. 

Best Practices

  • It is best to include as many open ended responses per question as possible, since more data leads to better insights. 

  • When uploading dataset data, include Filters so that both Filter and Topic Highlights can be generated. 

  • When recording demographic data, keep in mind that you'll get more Highlights if you use age ranges (example: "Ages 18-25") vs. specific age values (example: "25 years old"). 

  • More than 20 values in a given Filter will not be considered for Highlights (example: States, Ages, etc). Use Ranges and Groups (example: Age Range, Regions, etc.) when possible.

  • A Highlight will only be displayed if three or more open ended responses are used to generate the insight. 

  • Clicking on a specific Highlight box will filter the dataset's content page by the data that generated the highlight. 

  • Highlights do not change when applying a Cross-Tab/Filter. Highlights can be recalculated after making an Edit to the data set and confirming the recalculation. Edits include making changes to Topics, Emotions, Coding, etc. Filtering such as using the Smart Search is not considered an edit, and will not recalculate the Highlights.

  • Multi-select Questions on the Content page to only see Highlights for those specific Questions.

  • If you are filtered on All Waves, all your Highlights will be about the waves.

  • There is only one wave and one question per Highlight.

Recalculating Highlights

Highlights are calculated when you upload your dataset. When edits are made to your data set,  you will be prompted to Recalculate the Highlights. 

Hovering your cursor over Recalculate will allow you to see what was last changed and by whom.

Click to See Highlight

Hovering over the Highlight will provide additional information about the metrics as well as give you the option to "click to see" the Highlight.

Once you click on this option, the content page will refresh to reflect the Highlight. You will then have insights into the Smart Search query and high-level metrics, the Treemap results, the Ranker results, and a list of verbatims/open ends associated with the Highlight.

Providing Feedback on Highlights

You can provide feedback to Canvs to let us know whether a Highlight was helpful or not. Hover over the Highlight box to see the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down icons. 

Select the Thumbs Up if the Highlight was helpful and Thumbs Down if it was not helpful. Each piece of feedback will be reviewed by our team to inform future product enhancements. 

Copying Highlights

You can also click on the copy icon to easily and quickly copy-paste the text you see displayed in the Highlights card.

Exporting Highlights

To export highlights, navigate to Export at the upper right hand corner corner of the screen and click Highlights Export. Once the export is finished, click Download here

The exported Excel file will include a spreadsheet with a Summary tab and Highlights tab.

If you have any questions, please contact 

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