What's New?

Canvs Surveys

Exciting news! Highlights are now available for Canvs Surveys. 

Click here to read about Highlights Methodology. 

Click here to learn about some Best Practices for this new feature. 


The Quick Compare feature has been added for Campaigns. You are able to Quick Compare:

  • Tags (Facebook & YouTube)

  • Topics (Facebook & YouTube)

  • Hashtags (Facebook & Youtube)

  • Mentions (YouTube)

Target Audience

The Target Audience Management Page has been updated to create a better user experience. To learn more about Target Audiences, click here

Bug Fixes

  • A "No Bookmarks" message will display on the Bookmark Manager page when nothing is available instead of a page loading icon. 

  • Topics in the Ranker .png export will no longer get cut off. 

  • An HTTPS routing issue has been resolved. 

  • All Filters that have been included in the Survey Uploader will be accessible in the dashboard. Questions will not run off of the page, thus making them all editable. 

  • The Audience Export for Twitter TV is now working properly. 

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