With the Audience Affinity Reports feature, Canvs allows you to see what other Networks and Programs a Target Audience is reacting to within a specific date range. You can look across Brand audiences, TV Program audiences or create your own custom Target Audience to analyze. 

Target Audience Affinity Report

To run a report, navigate to the Explore page. Choose the date range that you would like to analyze. 

Click the Audience Affinity Report button on the upper right hand corner of the screen. 

Two different reports are available - the Program Affinity Report and the Network Affinity Report.

For each report, you'll be able to choose a Target Audience from three different areas.

  • Brand Audience: Canvs currently has 150 brands for users to choose from. You can select a Brand Audience, such as followers of @pepsi on Twitter, and see how a sample of 5,000 fans reacted to other Programs or Networks. 

  • Custom Audience: You can use a Target Audience list that you've created in our system. You can select any Target Audience that you or other users in your Organization have created from a Twitter TV Content Page or from the Target Audience uploader. Note: Canvs will consider a subset of 5,000 audience members, regardless of how many items are on the list. 

Once you have selected your Target Audience, you'll be able to name the report and indicate one or more recipients. Use the + icon to add more email addresses. 

Once you click Next, the report will be run and you will receive an email with the Excel file shortly.

The emailed file will include all Programs or Networks that the Audience has Tweeted about within the selected time frame. It will also include the Emotional Reaction count for each show, so you can see what types of sentiment they were expressing. 


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