Are you looking for the Airing Summary, but don't see the Download Airing Summary option on screen?

Here are a few tips:

  • For the Download Airing Summary button to appear, you must be filtered on a specific Linear airing. Currently, the Airing Summary is not available for 24/7, multiple episodes or season recap level data. 

  • To find a Linear airing for a Special, select the Date Picker, then the airing and click Apply

  • To find a Linear airing for a Series, select the Date Picker, the Season and Episode, and click Apply

  • Have you navigated to the Linear airing, but do not see the Download Airing Summary button? The Airing Summary uses our Drivers and Benchmarks technology, which are the last steps for processing data. The Airing Summary is only available once the entire processing workflow has completed. If you can see the Linear airing but not the button, try checking back in 30 minutes or so. 

  • Still not sure why you aren't able to locate the Airing Summary? Reach out via chat or email ( and we will be happy to help.

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