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Bulk Editing Updates

We've implemented new and improved Open End editing and searching features so you can make changes more quickly. 

  • Remove all Topics option: You can now remove all topics within the group of Open Ends that you've selected in one click within the Edit screen. You'll no longer have to 'x' out each Topic one by one if you'd like to remove more than one Topic. 

  • Multi-select for Bulk Editing: You'll now have more control when making bulk edits, as we have added a multi-select option. Your manual changes don't have to apply to an entire filtered set anymore - you can pick and choose which Open Ends you want to apply the changes to by checking or unchecking the box next to the Open End. By default, all Open Ends you've filtered will be selected in the bulk edit screen.

Note: Due to processing limitations, the multi-select option will be disabled if there there are over 500 Open Ends in your bulk edit set. You'll be able to preview a maximum of 500 Open Ends in the edit screen. 

Open End Section Updates

  • We've implemented a Free Text Search on the Open End verbatim list. You'll be able to type anything in the Search bar and find all responses that include an exact match.  

Note: How is this different from the Structured Search at the top of the Survey?

With the Free Text Search, you'll be able to type in any word or phrase, including Emotions, Non-Topical words, phrases etc. Structured Search only looks for Topics. 

Bulk editing will be triggered when you've entered a search string. You'll be able to easily edit your filtered set as needed. 

  • Open End Filters: We've added four filters to the Open End verbatim list: Emotions, No Emotions, Topics, and No Topics

 Selecting Open End filters will trigger a bulk edit capability.

Uploading Multiple Surveys from one Spreadsheet

You can now split one spreadsheet into multiple surveys with the new Split into multiple Surveys feature.

You'll be able to choose the field that you'd like to split into multiple surveys. This feature is useful when you have multiple questions and/or different subject matter in a single column.

This Uploader feature will be triggered when there are multiple values in one single column. In the example above, Column A is "Title" and has three different values. If you select Split into multiple Surveys, your upload will result in the creation of three Surveys: "Movie A", "Movie B", and "Movie C". 

After selecting Next, you can choose which surveys you want to include or exclude from the Uploading process by selecting or de-selecting the checkbox next to each one. 

You'll still receive one email after the file is split and all surveys have been processed.

New Survey Details Options

  • You now have the option to indicate the Industry that is associated with your Survey. If you have broken your spreadsheet out into multiple surveys, the Industry can be applied to all Surveys at one time, or to individual Surveys if they differ from one another.

  • If the Industry is listed as Media and Entertainment, you can also tag the Media for the Survey. In the example below, we've linked the Angry Birds 2 survey to the Angry Birds 2 movie.  

  • You also have the ability to add Tags, Descriptions, and Industries across all Surveys to the left in blue, or add these fields one by one to each Survey to the right. You are able to overwrite the Description or Industry on each Survey to the right after you have applied a Description or Industry to all Surveys on the left.

 Enhanced Survey Export

  • We've added a new Topic Ranking tab to the Survey Export.  This tab will show the list of Topics, the number of Mentions, number of Emotional Reactions, Mention rate, Reaction rate and Total responses to the question. 

New Metrics for Facebook Sources

  • We're pleased to introduce new metrics for Facebook sources (Facebook TV, Canvs Watch and Owned Facebook pages).  There is a brand new metric row with pie charts on Facebook Content Pages. 

  • Facebook Views: This metric shows Facebook Video views. The pie chart breaks down into Organic views (views that are generated from the page that it was posted on) and Cross-Post views (views that are generated from all shared videos on the original post on different pages). Total views are a simply a sum of the two. 

  • Total Engagement: Includes Likes (the total number of all Facebook emoticons), Comments (the total number of Facebook comments) and Shares

Note: Facebook Comments in the pie chart may differ from the Comment numbers under the Emotional Reactions. This is because Canvs pulls Public Comments through the Facebook API to run against our Emotional Reaction algorithm and Facebook Comments will include all Public and Private comments. 

  • These new metrics will be available on Content Pages, Compare, Explore, Exports and in the API. 

  • Canvs Movies and Campaigns do not yet have these new metrics, but will in a future release. 

Target Audience Affinity Report

We've launched Target Audience Affinity Reports in Explore. This feature is useful when you'd like to see what other Programs and Networks an audience on Twitter reacts to within the date range you have selected. You can analyze a specific brand audience, an audience who reacted to a certain TV show or your own custom audience. 

  • Make sure the Date Range in Explore is set for the time frame that you are interested in analyzing. 

  • We've introduced two types of Audience Affinity Reports: Program Affinity Report and Network Affinity Report.

  • For each report, you'll be able to choose an audience from 3 different areas.

  • Brand Audience: Canvs currently has 150 brands for users to choose from. You can select a Brand Audience, such as followers of "Pepsi", to see how they reacted across Programs or Networks. 

  • Program Audience: Once you select a TV Show, Canvs will pull a random sample of 5,000 handles that have Tweeted about the specific TV show. This is similar to pulling a Target Audience on the Content Page. 

  • Custom Audience: You can use a Target Audience list that you've created in our system. You can create the list from a Twitter TV Content Page or from the Target Audience uploader.

You can name the report and send to one or more recipients. Use the + icon to add more email addresses. 

  • Once you click Next, the report will be run and you will receive an email with the file shortly.

Social Accounts Manager 

Owned Facebook, Instagram and YouTube properties will now be located in one central Social Accounts manager. This new look and feel can be found under the Profile drop down.

Previous profile view:

New profile view:

  • Depending on your subscription, you'll see Owned Facebook, Instagram and YouTube properties under the new Social Manager. You can toggle between the sources on the left. 

  • You can now Favorite pages directly from the Social Manager.

  • We've added the option to filter by Favorites

  • You'll be able to sort the list of pages/accounts/channels by any of the Social Manager columns besides Page Link. 

  • You can now Untrack pages directly from the Social Manager. Note: Once a pages/accounts/channels is Untracked, historic data will be available via Global Search. The asset will no longer appear in the Social Manager unless you add the page again. 

  • Owned Facebook pages will be broken out into two tabs - Authorized Pages and Public Pages. Authorized Pages are those that have been added with the Facebook Business Manager login credentials and will contain additional metrics on Paid Content. Public Pages are all other pages that have been added for the organization with a generic log in. 

  • You can also use Social Manager to search for pages/accounts/channels. 

Bug Fixes

  • We've squashed a bug where "Infinity" Reactions per Media showed on Instagram Emotion Maps when there was 0 media within a date range with an Emotional Reaction. 

  • Emotional Reactions for YouTube videos in a Campaign is now consistent with the Content Page and Analysis Export Report.

  • Search behavior has been fixed when Editing a Survey.  You can find all the Topics that exist in the Survey without typing the exact word.

  • The OTT drop date found in the Date Picker is now fixed for Series, Specials and Movies.

  • We've brought back the ability to paste a Facebook page link when tracking a Facebook page, as opposed to being forced to select from a list. 

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