What file formats work for Canvs MRX?

Canvs MRX supports both Excel files (.xlsx and .xls) and CSV files (.csv).  Both single and multi-tab spreadsheets are accepted.

This is an example of a supported format with one tab:

This is an example of a supported format with multiple tabs:

This is an example of a supported format with stacked rows as questions in one column:

Note: If you have multiple questions on one tab, you will be able to separate the questions into multiple individual datasets

How should my files be formatted?

  • If you are working with a single tab file, saving as a CSV file will ensure a smooth upload. 

  • If you have multiple tabs, you should not save as a CSV file, as CSV files do not support multi-tab documents. 

  • Text formatting is acceptable (font types, font sizes, bold, italics, underlines, text colors, highlighting etc).

  • Hidden rows and columns are acceptable, however all data will be included in the upload.

  • Hidden tabs may cause issues if they are formatted differently. Delete hidden tabs from the file. 

  • Our Open Ends limit in a single upload is 150K Open Ends. Please ensure the filter has <150 OEs. You can split the file by Questions if exceeding the limit.

  • Formulas are acceptable. The value of the formula will appear in the upload. 

  • Uploading Excel files (.xlsx and .xls) will work best when you are using a raw data set that uses Plain Text only.  

  • When uploading an Excel file, make sure your file does not have any of the following: Frozen Rows, Filters or Pivot Tables.

  • Each Excel file can contain only one column of Date data. If the file contains more than Date column, the file upload may fail.

  • A maximum of 50 Filters and 10 Keys are allowed.

  • A view of individual Open Ends will automatically pull Age, Ethnicity and Gender demographic filters into the verbatim. In order to have your data pull, your columns should be named exactly as such.

How does Canvs MRX treat long form content?

  • Canvs will analyze any piece of text that will come through our pipeline - we no longer have character or size limitations. 

  • Canvs will ignore any black text and blank cells. Empty/blank text will not be analyzed nor stored in our datastore, and will not count against your verbatim count. 

  • Canvs processes Topics for all analyzed pieces of text, regardless of whether it contains 200 or 2,000,000 characters.

  • If the Open End contains two or three emotions, it will be categorized as Mixed Emotions.

  • If the Open End contains more than three emotions, we will categorize the OE as Non-Emotional.

Still having issues?

Try clearing out all formatting from your Excel file. Navigate to Edit, then Clear and then Formats in the Excel file. 

Need further assistance? Our Client Services team is ready to help! Send over the file you are having issues with to support@canvs.ai and we will be happy to assist. 

Ready to go? Learn how to Upload a Dataset here!

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