You can quickly look at related Campaign data side-by-side using Quick Compare Tags. This feature can help you determine how similar Campaigns performed in relationship to one another.

Creating Campaign Tags

Tags can be created when adding a new Campaign or when editing an existing Campaign. In the Information section, you can type a word or phrase in the Tags field. Click Enter to add the Tag.

Using Quick Compare Tags

Navigate to Campaigns and then select the Campaign Name you would like to analyze. 

You'll be able to compare one Source (Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram) at a time using Quick Compare tags. Click on the Emotional Reactions link to drill into the data for the Source you want to compare.

Click on Quick Compare and then select Tags.

You will be prompted to select the Tag and click Compare.

You will now see all available Campaigns within the same Source that contained the Tag that you selected. 

The comparison will include Aggregate and  Average metrics. You can also Export the analysis into Excel. 

To learn about creating new Campaigns, click here

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