What's New?

Canvs Surveys

  • You'll see all available topics when using Free Text Search to bulk edit open ended responses. Note: If you select a Topic or Emotion, and then use Free Text Search, this functionality will not exist. It will only pull all Topics from all open ends into the modal if there are no set filters.

  • We've added a banner to inform you that multi-selecting is unavailable when more than 500 open ends exist in your filtered results. You'll still be able to bulk edit all results. 

  • You will now find the Survey Description and Tags displayed on the Content Page. 

  • We've added an Industry selection dropdown in the Edit modal on the Canvs Surveys Manager Page. Including an Industry will help inform our text analysis ("sick" for a medical device survey vs. someone saying a new game show is "sick!"). 

Explore for Facebook

  • Facebook Total Video Views, Facebook Cross Post Views and Facebook Organic Views are now included in the Explore Export. You can find these metrics after Facebook Page Category.

Bug Fixes

Survey Fixes

  • Topics and Emotion Maps are now hydrating when you make a bulk edit on all questions 

  • When you do a Bulk Edit for more than 500 Open Ends, all Open Ends will be updated as opposed to just the first 500.

  • Searching and applying a tag on the Survey Management page is now working properly on Safari.

  • When you click Emotional and All in the Open End list, the numbers and copy will update correctly.

  • When you split a Survey, you're now able to add more than two global tags.

  • When selecting "Tabs as Questions", you can now override the tab name.

  • We've made the experience of adding tags consistent between the Uploader and Edit modal. You can add tags separated with commas and after pressing 'enter', they will be added as multiple tags.

  • When you upload a multi-dataset Survey, all topics for each individual survey will appear.

  • When selecting the column to analyze, manually re-naming a question will override whatever the original name was on the Content Page.

Compare Fixes

  • We've fixed an issue with a blank column in Quick Compare.

  • Annoying is available as a metric in Compare.

  • The date picker and Compare row is now showing the correct date range.

  • Incorrect drop dates for OTT movies have been corrected.

Explore Fixes

  • We've fixed the Benchmarks toggle so that it doesn't show both On and Off as selected when clicked. 

  • When clicking an airing link in Explore, you'll be brought to the Airing tab by default.  

Other Fixes

  • The Branded Content row for Facebook pages has been restored.

  • Percentages for Total Views, Organic Views, and Cross-Post Views are now within 100%.

  • When clicking Quick Compare for Tags on Campaigns, the label will show Benchmark Campaigns instead of Benchmark Surveys

  • The Social Account Management Page will populate numbers correctly when authorizing Facebook pages.

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