Canvs can help you understand how people feel in concert with important KPIs like Facebook Views. Through our exciting official partnership with Facebook, Canvs now pulls in Total Video Views and Total Engagement for Facebook assets.

Please note: These metrics will reflect activity for a set time period after the post was published.

  • Owned Facebook: 10 days after the post was published

  • Facebook Watch: 5 days after the post was published

  • Facebook TV: 5 days after the post was published

Total Video Views

Facebook Video Views are the amount of times a video has run on autoplay for at least 3 seconds. 

Total Video Views are separated out to show the break down of Cross-Post Views vs Organic Views.

Organic Views

Organic Views count the number of times the video was viewed on the original Facebook post on the page where it was published. 

Cross Post Views

Crossposting is a way to publish videos across multiple Facebook Pages. You can crosspost an already-posted video without having to upload it again, either within the same Page or across Pages in Facebook's Business Manager. Cross Post Views count the number of times the video was viewed besides the original. 

Total Engagement

Total Engagement is separated out into Likes, Comments and Shares. Comments, likes, and shares are user-generated actions that can be taken on Facebook posts.


Likes are counted when a user clicks the "thumbs up" Like button to indicate they enjoy a post. Clicks on the Love, HaHa, Wow, Sad and Angry icons are also included in the "Likes: metric.


A comment is counted when a user remarks upon a post.


Shares are counted when a Facebook user shares a link to a post with their Facebook friends, possibly adding commentary.

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