What's New?

General Updates

  • We've removed the Home menu option from the navigation bar. You can go back to the landing  page by clicking on the Canvs logo.

  • You can now adjust the threshold for Topics displayed in the Word Cloud, so that you can tailor the view appropriately and take custom screen shots for reporting.

  • We've added Total Views for Facebook and Total Video Views for YouTube to the Metrics section of Explore

Canvs Movies

  • We've added universal filters in Compare for Canvs Movies, including Channel Types, Video Types, and Time Period After Video Release. These filters can be applied to all movies in the list at once, instead of having to change each row one by one. 

Canvs Surveys 

  • A Vendor Management feature is now available for Canvs Surveys. When a vendor signs up, they're able to enter the Holding Company for whom they are uploading surveys. This will give the Holding Company permission to look at every survey the vendor has uploaded/edited. The vendor, however, can only see the Surveys they have uploaded and not any of the other Surveys other vendors have uploaded on the Holding Company's behalf.

Bug Fixes


  • Having a long description for your Survey will no longer break the styling on the "Success!" notification. 

  • We've fixed an issue where the Ranker was empty when you clicked on filters and switched to another tab. 

  • An editing issue has been resolved, so that when you include a topic from the dropdown, you won't see the same topic appearing in the dropdown to select a second time. 

  • Metrics will show the correct number after you clear a filter.

Social Accounts

  • You will no longer see a blank page after authorizing Facebook pages.


  • When you include a term in Structured Search, the Verbatim list will apply the changes without a manual refresh. 

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