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Survey Updates

Canvs AI Improvements

  • Canvs AI is actively processing surveys and building deep understanding across 22 Industries: CPG, Hospitality, Travel, Gaming, and many other industries. When you upload your survey, you’ll be prompted to select an Industry from the list to make sure you’re getting the most accurate analysis.

  • We've implemented improved negation handling. This gives a much more sophisticated understanding of negated Topics and Emotions. 

  • We now are able to provide both Emotional and Topical Analysis on texts more than 300 characters.

Canvs Platform Improvements

  • We've improved the Survey User Experience by adding new color schemes for Codes, Topics and Emotions.

  • We've introduced a new Self-Serve Experience. This empowers the DIY research community to sign up from our marketing website and immediately begin experiencing the product. Our Self-Serve Experience includes 5,000 free verbatim responses and a product walkthrough to better understand how to use the platform.

  • You'll now see AI Coding available. Codes empower our users to leverage Emotional and Topical summaries to create a more robust answer to the question "what are the common ideas in the responses overall?" Read more about codes here

  • With Cross Tabs, you can quickly examine Emotion and Topic discussion by various subgroups.

  • We've rolled out the new Vendor and Client Dashboard. This allows enterprises to enable their vendors or clients to privately and securely upload surveys on their behalf. 

Bug Fixes

  • Benchmark mode issues have been resolved. 

  • Structured Search has been enhanced so that terms you type in will always pull the correct results if they exist. 

  • We've fixed an issue where Intercom would intermittently have loading issues on certain pages. 

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