Our Canvs team has been dedicated to making massive improvements to Canvs MRX that will automate your process of hand coding open-ended responses. Our goal is to empower researchers to go from dataset question to answer in 5 minutes or less. This is a tall task - but one we think worthy of tackling if we are to advance our mission of enabling empathy for every organization.

With that said, we are super proud to announce the release of Canvs MRX V4!

With Canvs MRX V4, we’re pushing the limits to give you a better and more insightful experience. Here are some of the key improvements we have made:

Canvs AI Improvements

  • Our New Topics Algorithm better summarizes what people are talking about by combining topics that mean the same thing in a given context. For example, the topic Advertisement may include variations of that specific term, such as Commercial.

  • We now Support 22 Industries. We can process datasets and build deep understanding across CPG, Hospitality, Travel, Gaming, and many other industries. When you upload your dataset, you’ll be prompted to select an Industry from the list to make sure you’re getting the most accurate analysis.

  • With our Improved Negation Handling, we have a more comprehensive understanding of negated Topics and Emotions.

Canvs Platform Improvements

  • The introduction of Industry Standard Codes allows you to present more robust answers to questions by leveraging our patented emotion and topical summarization. Codes that you create in a given industry will be remembered by the system for your future work.

  • Our new Cross Tabs feature quickly examines how the Emotion and Topic discussion areas relate to various subgroups.

  • We've created an Improved UI Experience to make it easier for you to visualize your insights faster. You'll see enhancements in the our horizontal bar chart ranker. You'll also be able to make easier distinctions between Codes, Topics and Emotions with a new color scheme for Tree Maps and easily navigate a new design for the Verbatim Open End list.

  • Our Vendor and Client Dashboard Management 1.0 empowers enterprises to enable vendors or clients to privately and securely upload datasets on their behalf.

  • A brand new Self-Serve Experience empowers the D-I-Y research community to sign up via our new marketing website and immediately begin experiencing the product.

We’re so excited about these product improvements and want you to experience them first hand. If you are not already a Canvs MRX client, you too can turn your open-ends into powerful insights in seconds with your 14-day free trial (up to 5,000 verbatims).

Let’s do this! Sign up at surveys.canvs.ai

Open up a world of open-ends.

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